A light, dry, sessionable beer, only moderately bitter.  A light bread-like aroma and flavor.   Designed to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

This beer won a bronze medal (third place) at the Bluegrass Cup in June 2015. 
4 lbs Wheat Malt
2.75 lbs Pale Malt
2 lbs Munich Malt
0.5 oz Horizon hops (11.5%) 60 minutes
0.5 oz East Kent Goldings hops (5.5%) 10 minutes
​Wyeast Scottish Ale

For the Beer Geeks
Original Gravity: 1.044 
Final Gravity: 1.006 
Alcohol by Vol: 4.8 % 
Bitterness: 22.5 IBUs 
Color: 4.6 SRM 
Mashed at 148F, Single Infusion, Batch Sparge