​Cream Ale

 A l ight, dry, easy-to-drink beer  well-suited for  hot summer days.

Today, only a few commercial versions of this beer are made. Historically, this style is 100% North American in origin, developed in the 1800s by U.S. ale brewers in response to the new wave of German immigrant brewers and their lagers, which were soon to become the most popular mass-marketed beer style. 

I used a new-to-me hop variety for this beer, Saphir. I've seen that Saphir is becoming more widely distributed, as a replacement for the Hallertaur Mittlefrueh variety which has become more and more susceptable to diasease and pests. Shares many of the Hallertaur characteristics and with a low alpha acid content is adds delicate bitterness. Saphir is reported to have noble hop characteristics and a mild flavor, which made it a good choice for the Cream Ale style. It is also reported to have a slight sweet and clean citrus aroma that has a hint of tangerine.  

11 lbs. Pale Malt (Gambrinus)
1 lbs. Flaked Corn
1 oz. Saphir Hops (3.8%) 30 minutes
1 oz. Saphir Hops (3.8%) 15 minutes
1 oz Saphir Hops (3.8%) 5 minutes
Irish Moss
California Ale Yeast

For the Beer Geeks
Original Gravity: 1.051
Final Gravity:  1.006
ABV:  5%
Bitterness: 17 IBUs
Mash:  150 F for 60 minutes, single infusion, batch sparge
Fermented at 66 F