Links to sites I use and read, some related to handmade beer or cider, or local beer, and some more random sites.
Other People Who Do Handmade Beer, Cider and Mead
Michael Tonsmeire writes this blog about "beer, cheese, bread, and funk" - he updates it all the time and loves to brew and write about sour beers
James Spencer does Basic Brewing podcasts, both audio and video versions, on a wide-range of topics related to homebrewing.
Billy Broas does a great website!  He both writes and does videos, about craft beer, homebrewing, and good beer in general.  He also runs an online 'beer academy' for those who want to learn more.
A very interesting site by a homebrewer in Minnesota who makes organic beers and does great, I mean really outstanding, labels for his beers!
A Lutheran brewing website!  Another Minnesotan, Derek, who writes about his homebrewing.  He also has made the transition from hobby to professional brewing and you can read about it on his blog at  He hasn't updated for a while, but there's plenty of interest to read about.
Jessica has put togehter, as a school project, the very best cider making website for beginners that I've seen.  Great for anyone who thinks making some homemade cider would be fun (and it is).
A beer blog featuring news, reviews, and discussion; Brian describes himself as "The Dude" at Untamed Beer and he does a great job of updating this site all the time - writing about "beer in its natural state, untamed, domesticated or cultivated."
Aaron writes one of my favorite beer and brewing blogs.  He is a certified Cicerone (go to his blog to find out what that is) and a freelance write.  He updates the site frequently.
A website on how to use the popular beginning brew kit Mr. Beer to make good beer
A very interesting blog about both homebrewing and craft beers.  The author, Mike Crimmons, also writes the Daily Shot of Coffee blog at
A homebrewing blog from a group of friends from Delaware
A blog on homebrewing and BBQ'ing from a Baltimore-area brewer who yearns for the Texas BBQ from his childhood
According the writer (Jess), "Beer & Nosh explores the endless possibilities of beer and food together.  Based out of San Francisco, I cover home and professional brewing, restaurants, beer news, cooking and anything else that strikes my interest.
Each post is illustrated with the best photographs I can manage in the dark beer bars where the brew is being served."
Despite the name, this site doesn't only review commercial beers.  It has beer news, beer recipes and other homebrewing posts on it, also.
A 'team member' of the Mad Fermentationist (see above), this Washington DC brewer has an interesting blog.
Lambic and Wild Ale is a Portland, Oregon-based blog about traditional lambic beer, wild ale, natural wine and other spontaneously fermented beverages. The author promotes the use of organic ingredients, wild yeast and the pursuit of Terroir. As a native Dutch speaker, the writer has a strong interest in historical Flemish documents about traditional lambic brewing and culture.
MReed writes the Hop River Ales blog "Documenting my homebrewing batches, projects, and beer related experiences."
TJ Samulis writes the Brews and Beats blog, because "Brewing beer and recording live music are a few of my favorite things. I created this blog to document the joys each bring."

A really interesting blog by Stephanie about cooking in your cockpot - plus she's turned her blog into a career!
The definitive website and discussion forum for baking bread    
Glen Fuller is an organic farmer in Colorado who grows hops for brewing.
Metrpolitan is a great Chicago brewery - check out their site, get to know Jess, Tracy and Doug, sign-up for a brewery tour, and drink their beer!

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