This site is dedicated to our home brewery, where we make and bottle small batches of beer and cider for ourselves and friends.  We named it "Singing Boys Brewing" because we like both our music and beer to be hand-made.  On this home page, you'll find short occasional blog entries.  To see more information about current and previous beers, photos, labels and recipes, to learn about our brewery, or for other information, use the menu above.  

Artesanal Beer and Cider
Singing Boys Brewing is part of a growing community of people producing and drinking local, fresh, organic, artisanal beers and ciders.  

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So, since I last updated, we changed absolutely every aspect of our lives.  Ok, maybe not everything, but pretty damn close to it.  Nancy had a book published and is working on another, I took a new job, Hugh moved out of the country, Robert turned 21, and we moved from a home in the suburbs to a more beautiful but smaller apartment in the heart of the city.  I gave away my brewing equipment, due to lack of space, and joined a nifty brew club, CHAOS, which maintains a brewhouse.  Its taken me a while to get used to it, but had a fun brew day with a friend there and, with two brewdays in row that went without hiccups, I'm ready to declare that I'm comfortable there.  Read about it in The Blog.