This site is dedicated to our home brewery, where we make and bottle small batches of beer and cider for ourselves and friends.  We named it "Singing Boys Brewing" because we like both our music and beer to be hand-made.  On this home page, you'll find short occasional blog entries.  To see more information about current and previous beers, photos, labels and recipes, to learn about our brewery, or for other information, use the menu above.  

Artesanal Beer and Cider
Singing Boys Brewing is part of a growing community of people producing and drinking local, fresh, organic, artisanal beers and ciders.  

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I'm leading a beer tasting at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in the Loop.  Katie Luther (Martin's wife) was a homebrewer and in some of his letters to her, while he was traveling, he notes how much he misses the beer she made. 

Many of the folks at the tasting will have had experience with wine tastings but not beer tastings - so we'll go over the basics.  I put together an info sheet for the group and have posted it online here.  Click on the link in the headline above to see the info sheet

We're going to taste five styles:  Munich Helles, Best Bitter, American IPA, Belgian Tripel, and Imperial Stout.